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Time Usa 14 April 2014 Pdf

Emerging Infectious Diseases journal - CDC. S. CDIs were identified in the National Infectious Disease Register, deaths in the National Population Information System, hospitalizations to classify infections as CA or HA in the National Hospital Discharge Register, and genotypes in a reference laboratory.

Time Usa 14 April 2014 Pdf

A total of 3. 2,9. CDIs were identified: 1.

CA (3. 2. 9 cases/1. HA (6. 9. 1/1. 00,0. Overall annual incidence decreased from 1. HA- CDI rates (average annual decrease 8. The 3. 0- day case- fatality rate was lower for CA- CDIs than for HA- CDIs (3. PCR ribotypes 0. 27 and 0. HA- CDIs than in CA- CDIs.

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Although the HA- CDI incidence rate decreased, which was probably caused by increased awareness and improved infection control, the CA- CDI rate increased.

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